Welcome to HILLCRAFT DECORATIVE HOME ACCENTS. It is truly a pleasure and passion, to display original and attractive creations, for visitors and guests to view on this site.If your looking for something to add a little variety to your home, you might find some of these objects interesting and unique.

Traditional and "Old World" styles have always been a major influence for me. When I first started designing and constructing DECORATIVE HOME ACCENTS, I found myself drawn to certain styles like ART NOUVEAU, ART DECO, and VICTORIAN ART. The inspiration and ideas I get from historic images and designs helps me stay focused and creative.

I remember my first welding job working for a construction company in Illinois, watching in curiosity as an old craftsman and hishelper were fabricating some ornamental bronze gates for a local bank, it was quite a site observing this master and his apprentice forming this metal into such an elegant structure.

Over the years I have had the good fortune of working with some talented mentors in various welding and fabrication jobs, there guidance and work ethic has allowed me to develop my own creative style that I wanted to convey in my pieces.

ORNAMENTAL METALWORK is the most prevalent medium that I use in my work, flowing and floral depictions is my favorite way to integrate the metalwork into a certain overall theme. Whether it is a sculpture, wall decoration, or furniture piece, I really like to focus on the structure and framework to dominate the end result. Adding other materials such as tile and glass elements is usually an afterthought, a way to bring some highlight to a particular piece. I also suggest using flameless candles as a way to safely illuminate and capture my iron sculptures display.