Iron Bistro Table

Created this Iron Bistro Table for a couple of lovely ladies in Anderson SC. They needed some small but sturdy tables for there unique Italian wine bar "Viva! Il Vino". Created out of solid steel and a 24 inch wooden top, this design works well in a small social setting.

The ornamental work is located primarily at the base of the table, iron lattice blends into the Queen Anne style feet that provide weight and stability to this iron table. The wooden top is 24 inch x 1 inch thick pine, layered with 3 coats of stain and sealed with a satin polyurethane finish.

Above are the tables in the wine bar, six in all were created. They look good with the chairs, and the beautiful bamboo floor. I am glad to know that they have opened there doors to a wonderful start, I wish them a long and successful venture.

Viva! IL Vino 110 East Church Street
West Anderson, SC, 29624
Phone:(864) 634-9616, 376-7750
Wed - Sat:3:00 pm - 12:00 am

A recent picture provided by Shayna & Helen, owners of Viva! IL Vino, what a delicious spread of appetizers and wine. If you live close to Anderson SC, stop in and enjoy some Italian style food and spirits.

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