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Welcome to the Hillcraft Decorative Home Accents contact page. Here you will find a little personal info about us and are work. If you have any questions please feel free to inquire at the bottom of this page.

ABOUT THE ARTISTS~ Hillcraft is a father and son combination, Both are self taught artists. Michael and Charles Hill are both skilled tradesman in various fields. Having a blue-collar background has provided the education and work ethic that they feel keeps them focused on creating quality pieces.

Michael ( the son) has an extensive background in welding and metalwork, in the production and custom manufacturing field, but was drawn to creating decorative work as a way to free his creativity, and escape the repetitive doldrums of the factories. Michael also enjoys engraving as a hobby, and sometimes gets a little carried away with that activity.

Charles Hill ( the father ) a true craftsman when it comes to installing tile. His years of experience remodeling homes, and knowledge of tile and flooring applications provides the guidance needed for the creation of the unique decorative tile tables.

Our intentions are to create new and unique pieces of artwork. that are decorative yet functional, there is nothing more gratifying than using your skills to create something beautiful for a family memeber or close friend. That focused and personalized attitude is what we hope to bring to our visitors, potential clients, and the art community.


ABOUT THE DESIGNS~ You might find that HILLCRAFT is geared toward a traditional style when it comes to the design process. One of the techniques we like to use is historical research looking back in the past for some creative direction , then implenting those ideas into a finished piece, adds a little nostalgia to the design process. We think that it is important to honor and pay homage to those styles.

Some of the styles of influence are VICTORIAN, ART NOUVEAU, ART DECO, MOORISH, GOTHIC, and many other cultural styles. The blending of different styles and mediums, to give a unique and attractive look helps keep the piece original.

We understand that people have different artistic views, and it is kind of hard to pinpoint our audience, so we hope the artwork will speak for itself, and that individuals might find something that they truly enjoy in some of these creations.

A PROMISE TO OUR VISITORS & GUESTS , We promise to give you an honest presentation of our work, providing visitors, and potential clients with good service, and quality information relating to this website. Please understand that this site was built by me ( Michael ) and I am certainly not an internet savvy kind of guy, but I will do my best to make this site presentable and user-friendly for our visitors. Thank You for stopping by, We hope you enjoy your visit. If you would like to contact us regarding any of the accent pieces, we would love to here from you.

Respectfully, Michael Hill


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