Contemporary Wall Decor

" Autumn Thistle "

This contemporary wall decor metal creation shown above features an alluring botanical inspired design. Ornamental leaf and flowers display a beautiful organic style. Titled "Autumn Thistle" for the center flower which resembles a feathery flower head, I have to give my cousin Elaine credit for the title, when she seen it she said it reminded her of an english thistle, I think her botany experience is a lot better than mine..ha...ha.

More about the design... The frame is made from 3/4 square tubing, also you may notice the circular rivet heads that highlight the centers of the frame, just a little added element to enhance the flat surface. The leaves and flower are a mix of rod and flat bar cut and lightly forged into shape.

Finish details...Has an authentic patina, dark red and browns highlight the surface along with some faint orange coloration. The frame has a textured dark brown finish, accompanied by the round rivet hardware that show the light orange patina.

Closer Look

Overall a nice original piece of metal wall art, would make a nice addition to any home, especially if you like ornamental or botanical artwork. The size of this one is 18 inches wide by 16 inches tall, also available for custom order. I hope you enjoyed viewing this sculpture.

Best Regards, Michael

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