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This Handmade Metal Art piece above, features some beautiful Ginkgo leaves and vine work. this particular piece was created for a clients kitchen, to go above the kitchen sink on the header board. A very organic shape, the little scroll vines on the bottom represent a curly root display. Also the four stamens that protrude from the center of the leaf work are actually old ornamental carpet tack heads, with a bronze finish. 

The Ginkgo Leaves were cut individually by hand, then carefully deburred and engraved on the face with dashed lines, which simulate the veins of the leaf. The finish is a black rubbed wax ( Guilders Paste ) commonly used in metal work, lightly applied to the entire piece, then buffed off to reveal the true metal surface underneath. To get a more Satin Sheen the whole object was lightly sanded with scotchbrite.

I really enjoyed making this one, it has a nice botanical shape and design, with a finish that would go well with light backgrounds. Focusing on the forming of the leaves is always the fun part of creating  Handmade Metal Art  like this.

Above is a close-up of the bottom section, you can see the lower scroll work and the ornamental stamens. Also there is a slight perforated pattern in the middle area, that has been filled with yellow and teal enamel, just a unique afterthought to add a unique highlight to this one. 

Finished and Mounted

Here is the piece at the client's home, it is a beautiful added display for her kitchen decor'. She was very pleased with the work, and was such a wonderful lady to collaborate with. I was very fortunate to be able to create this for her. I think the most important thing to consider when displaying metal art is getting the finish right, using color but letting the the original metal show through is what makes a nice piece.

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