Metal Sculpture Art


The above Metal Sculpture Art piece is an untitled wall art decoration. Features a beautiful hand rubbed Bronze finish, with an attractive ornamental design. Created for a clients living room wall, they wanted an original design with an old world - finish.

About the design... I have always liked the Japanese art style, especially there craft in hand fans "Tessen" ( Iron fans that were used in battle by the ancient Samurai. ) The center of this, you could say was inspired by that fan shape. The floral characters add a nice balance of beauty and structure. Flower and leaf elements create a botanical outgrowth of nature. The gold circles on the fan blades highlight the flat surface offering some depth to this piece.

Tried to stay away from using to many scrolls, just some little ones sprouting from the small side flowers, and a top finial scroll that ties in the center blade. The bottom has two half oval radius which give the piece some more outline. Would love to do more of these in this style in the future.

Center View

Metal Sculpture Art

A better look of the center in the above image. The finish has many blended shades, Ebony- was the darkest color used ( The bottom two curved branches ). Antique gold - was dry brushed on different areas to lighten the piece up a bit, mainly on the center. Spanish Copper-lightly applied to the leaf work and the rivet heads that are embedded in the outer frame. I always spend the most time on colors, to me the finish is the most critical last step, thankfully the customer was very pleased with it.

Depending on the wall color this one goes very well with lighter backgrounds, this particular wall was beige, a nice neutral color.


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