Metal Art Sculpture

`Ornamental Blue'

The picture above is a Metal Art Sculpture with a botanical shape and inspiration. Flowers and leaves highlight the curved branches of this metal art piece, along with a colorful blue faux patina finish. The design is an original creation, solid steel iron rod and flat bar material make up the frame of this sculpture, also a solid oval base provides a sturdy foundation for displaying just about anywhere, table, mantle, or garden presentation. This particular piece was created for a client's fireplace mantle.

The size of this one is 24" x 20" with a 10" x 6" inch oval base, the base is 1 1/4" x 1/4" inch flat bar sealed with a flat black paint finish and matte clear coat for added protection.


The image above is a detailed view of the center, you can see the different colors a little better in this picture, also the small flower bulb to the left is 3 dimensional, with a small pigtail scroll sprouting out the bottom. Blue patina wax, metallic bronze and teal were used to create the unique finish. Lightly sponged to add the speckle texture, then shaded with a little black. The metallic colors help reflect the natural light in an area of exhibit.

I think these types of floral sculptures can really add some beauty to a home, botanical art is a lovely way to highlight spaces, indoors or outdoors. I hope you enjoyed these details of this sculpture. These are available for custom order, please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments...Kind Regards, Michael.

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