Metal Yard Art

Metal Yard Art


The above Metal Yard Art sculpture is a 2011 creation. Created from garden fencing and an old copper plate. The stencil in the center of the plate is of a Mulberry Leaf, just a random botanical element that fit rather well in the space provided. The frame is made from Old Salem garden fencing and iron flat bar for a wide base.

Yes I remember the Mulberry tree down the street from my house when I was a kid, the berries used to cover the sidewalk with a purple patch every summer, nothing like a free snack from mother nature during the afternoon.


metal yard art

A closer look at the plate and finials, the hammered finish adds a unique look to the overall design. The ornamental finials have a natural patina added to the crevices for a little color enhancement. Satin black is the paint color on the frame, with a matte clear coat for weather protection. A nice one-of-a-kind sculpture for accenting your garden, or porch.

Size- 42 inches tall, 19 inches wide
The plate is 12 inches in diameter.

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