Wrought Iron Wall Decor

One of my favorite Wrought Iron Wall Decor pieces, titled "Brenda's Garden"
created for my dear Aunt Brenda. An original ornamental design featuring some
unique flowers and leaf shapes, with a beautiful patina color for a deep surface
finish. There are different shades of reds, oranges, browns, and a touch of gray
in the color scheme, wanted to keep them neutral to go with most any background
color. Size- "54 x "24 inches.

center view

Wrought Iron Wall Decor:

The above image shows the flowers in more detail, tried to give them each there
own distinct shape and color. A flowing design overall, the gradual bends in the
branches and leaves help with the botanical character of this one. I think the slight
color highlights on the tips of the flowers helps give them a little "pop" to there

Really enjoyed making this one, although the finish was a challenge, the end result
was not to shabby. If you are interested in a wall piece like this, feel free to drop
me a message with any comments or questions.



The above image is a floral piece created for a clients custom Polyphon musical clock. Intertwined branches display some medium sized Osage Leaves, combined with spiked berries and a wrapping of vine tendrils. The color is a nice aged brass finish, with a touch of black to add a tint of shadow. This was mounted to the upper case of the clock.


The picture above is the bottom decoration of the clock, features some nice curving branches that gradually follow the inside perimeter of the woodwork. Osage leaves and three roses help highlight the piece into a nice floral composition, the left and right branches terminate into tight narrow scrolls, the top center vine has a small fish tail scroll curving from behind the rose. The finish for this one is aged iron, hand rubbed with ebony wax revealing a satin sheen.

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